Creditsafe Connect (1.10.2)

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Last Updated: 31st May 2024


Creditsafe Connect is a REST API that provides access to the Creditsafe Global Company Database. This allows you to:

  • Control your master data
  • Utilize up-to-date Business and Director information, enhancing your onboarding and qualification processes
  • Receive alerts when your customer's and supplier's Credit Report changes

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Quick Start

To start your Creditsafe Connect API integration you will need to have activated your account and set a password by following the instructions in your Welcome Email. If you have not received a Welcome Email please contact your Creditsafe Account Manager.

By default, you will have been setup on our Sandbox environment.

Using a REST API client construct an /authenticate POST request and enter your username & password (case-sensitive) into the POST body. A successful response will return an authentication token.

Use the authentication token in an Authorization header on all other Creditsafe Connect calls as proof of your authenticity.


Production Environment baseurl:
Sandbox Test Environment baseurl:


Versioning and Changes

Non-Breaking Changes

Non-breaking changes will generally include additive functions or bug fixes. It is crucial for the integration of the code to be done in such a way that it does not depend on the sequence in which items are returned. This ensures that updates can be applied seamlessly without affecting the existing functionality.

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes refer to any modifications to the API's functionality that could disrupt the current contract of the API. Such changes necessitate communication with stakeholders and will lead to a major version number update, indicating the significant nature of these changes.